The establishment of TEÜECD dates back to 1977. Nowadays hand and upper extremity surgery is developing as a separate division in orthopedics and traumatology. The upper extremity (from the tip of fingers to the shoulder) area is special area because of its challenging anatomical structure and its importance in daily life. Because of its intertwined anatomical structure hand has a major importance in sensation, motion and esthetics. Long operation hours, the requirement for microsurgery, long learning period, the vastness of emergency patients and the need for team work are just a couple of basic properties of hand surgery.

The high rate of industrial and home accidents and traffic accidents increases the responsibilities of hand surgeons but unfortunately there is not closely enough hand surgeons in our country and not enough centers for hand surgeries. The interest for this branch of surgery is decreasing nowadays because of the SGKs low payment rates for hand surgeries and the demand of time and effort. Also the intense emergency hours decreases the interest for this branch.

Hand surgery shouldn’t be perceived as replantation only. It covers a vast area such as tendon surgery, complex traumas, fleps, the different approach styles to upper extremity and open fractures, the special features of interventions to vessels and nerves, rehabilitation and congenital abnormalities. We think that if hand surgery could be established as a side branch there can be major contributions to hand surgery. Our association wants T.C. Ministry of Health to hand out hand surgery diplomas to our fellow surgeons that are bearing the weight and responsibility of our branch. The problems in the existing regulations are submitted to ministry in highest level possible. Problems that could lead to loss of manpower should be handled as soon as possible. Our association also wants to take part in the preparation of curriculum for hand surgery trainings. EÇEK – our education commission -has already made the necessary attempts on this subject.

Since from the very beginning of TEÜECD all of our presidents and boards of managements arranged national and international congresses for the development of hand surgery in our country. In this period the constant communication with our colleagues and protecting our colleague’s personal rights comes as our priorities. We have to put in extra effort and arrange training activities for the organization of FESSH congress that would be held in 2013 in our country. For this purpose, our efforts are continuing.